Financial Aid

In order to apply for scholarship, follow the following six steps. Your account must be current and in good standing. If it is not, the completed scholarship packet will be returned to you and will not be considered for aid.

Applications received past the deadline will have lower priority and may not receive scholarship funds. If you feel that there are other pertinent pieces of information that need to be explained, please write a letter to the scholarship committee detailing your circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: The LFJCC financial aid committee reserves the right to change its policy regarding financial aid at any time without prior notice.

1. Observe Submission Deadlines:

Camp Jaycee – Open Application Date

2. All Applicants Must Submit The Following:

1. Complete FACTS Grant and Aid Application including:
1. Current Years Income Tax Report Form 1040
2. Most Recent Pay Stubs
3. Copy of Program Registration

The FACTS Application must be submitted directly to FACTS either online, by fax, or by mail. You must fax or mail your tax return and pay stubs directly to FACTS if applying online.

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment
P.O. Box 82524
Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

Fax: 866-315-9264

Apply online:

2. Supplemental Scholarship Packet which includes:
1. Financial Assistance Request Form
2. Membership Application
3. Copy of Program Registration

The Supplemental Scholarship Packet must be submitted to the JCC. Return completed Packets to Carolyn Savage, Executive Assistant (2nd floor, Administrative Offices)

3. The Original Preschool and/or Camp Application MUST be submitted to the Preschool and/or Camp Office.

4. Minimum Deposit
$450 per child for Preschool
$100 per child for Camp
$550 per child Preschool/Camp Combination
$150 per child for Maccabi Games

For all other programs, please contact the Accounting Office for minimum deposit amounts.

3. Both the FACTS Application and the Supplemental Scholarship Packet Must Be Submitted

Both forms are necessary to apply. An incomplete form will be not be processed until further information is provided and space in the program will not be saved.

4. Resubmit Form If Applying To Different Programs

It is necessary to resubmit an updated request form, even if one has been completed previously during the calendar year, if the request is for a different program.

5. Use N/A (not applicable) Where Appropriate

Applicants must complete each line on the Application and Request Forms using N/A (not applicable) where appropriate. An incomplete form will be returned to the applicant for further information.

6. Current Year Tax Return Must Accompany Forms

Current year tax return MUST accompany forms or they will be returned. If you are self-employed, the business tax return is required along with the 1040. If the most recent tax return has been submitted for aid in another area, it is not necessary to submit another copy. If filing an extension, a statement of estimated tax liability is required.