Camp Jaycee


Grades 4-7

Postcamp Week 1: August 16-20


“The Force is strong with this one”! For your camper who loves anything Star Wars, we have a camp that they will absolutely love! Your child will train alongside other campers as they become the heroes that will save (or subjugate, we do get the occasional Sith after all) the galaxy! Our activities will take a journey through the history of the Star Wars universe, as campers go from using thermal detonators (not really thermal detonators) and blasters (just slingshots, well-supervised and safe) to take down simulation battle droids in the clone wars, to honing the force and their lightsaber skills as Jedi to take on Darth Vader (or Kylo Ren) and the evil Galactic Empire (or First Order), and many, many things in between. “May the force be with you.”

Price: $455 | Member Price: $380